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The Ultimate Method To Change Your Life

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"RESET" is the most effective and optimal way for you to feel your absolute best and for you to reach new levels with your training. During 12 weeks, you will have access to training plans, diet schedules and methods for you to change your mindset, mental state and much more.

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I'm Destiny

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

I am a fully certified personal trainer, coach and also a nutrition specialist. I have been training client for nearly 5 years and during that time I have refined my fitness strategy to provide the absolute best results for my clients. We should always make fitness and nutrition fun, because then I know you will enjoy your workouts and you are much more likely to stick to them and to Team Kuzmic. 


Exercise isn’t just great for your body, its also going to help you with your energy throughout your days and give you a better structure in life, it will also help you feel much happier! I consider myself the happiest person on earth and I owe everything to my training.

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Monthly Workouts

Monthly Workouts by Team Kuzmic. The Monthly Workout plan includes new fullbody workouts every month and our recommendations on how to structure your training weeks. Invest in your health - PSST It’s only a dollar per day!! 


The Booty & Abs program includes new fullbody workouts every month with focus on Booty and Abs. The program also includes our recommendations on how structure your training weeks. Invest in your health - PSST It’s only a dollar per day!!  


Monthly Challenge

Do you like to win? Who does’nt? Team Kuzmic loves competitions and dare you to a challenge – are you up for the fight? New challenges every month! 

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